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Claiming SR&ED tax credits and refunds

Claiming SR&ED tax credits and refunds has never been easier with SRED Unlimited. If your company has its own product line or services related to “production” (production can be anything – software development, printing, manufacturing, etc.) then it very likely involves some experimental development.

SR&ED tax credits and refunds apply to Canadian companies / corporations in various industries.

How SR&ED claims are prepared remains key to maximizing on these tax credits and refunds. Unfortunately, some companies are unaware that they qualify for SR&ED tax credits and refunds. Contact us today and maximize your refund.



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Benefits working with SRED experts

1 Q: Is my company eligible to receive SR&ED refunds?
  A: Any Canadian-owned business involved in research and development (R&D) or experimentation can apply for a Scientific Research and Experiment
2 Q: How much time do I need to spend with SRED Unlimited consultant to ready my claim for submission?
  A: Between six and eight hours total
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Read what our clients are saying about their SR&ED refunds:

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